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Resources & support to maximise business growth

We provide early stage companies with the resources and support necessary to realise their potential.

We seek applicants who are both good candidates for investment and a good fit for a value adding business development program.

In-tellinc's ability to assist the development of both "Technologists" and "Entrepreneurs" allows us to support a broad range of opportunities.

In general, your business proposition should have strengths in its underlying technology or product, and a large and accessible market which will support high growth.

In-tellinc will identify opportunities for us to improve your business in the '3 M's':

  • management,
  • marketing and
  • money.

It is this complementary set of strengths and weaknesses that makes a good incubation candidate.

Our selection process is designed to help us identify your potential and the unique incubation needs of your business. Two distinct phases are performed, involving In-tellinc's executive and business management staff and consulting and advisory resources where required, with specific criteria to be satisfied in order to progress:

Qualification Assessment:

The information supplied with your application is reviewed and your management team is interviewed. Product or technology demonstrations may be performed, along with some preliminary market and technology research.

The suitability of your application for both investment and development is assessed, and planning for the following phase is performed. In-tellinc's Investment Team determines whether your application progresses to the next phase, generally within 7 working days of application.

Self Assessment

To determine whether you are eligible for investment with In-tellinc, just answer the following self-assessment questions:

  • Do you own the rights to information or communications technology, IP or product that has been developed in Australia?
  • Has your technology, IP or product been incorporated, or is it capable of being incorporated, into an IT business that provides equipment, software, services or content, or a business that has IT as an enabling technology?
  • Has this technology, IP or product the capability of being competitively marketed internationally?
  • Have you started, or are you planning to start, commercialisation of your product, IP or technology in the next 3 months through an Australian-based and Australian majority-owned company?
  • Do you need developmental support in the form of the 3Ms (Marketing, Management and Money) to help realise your business potential?
  • Have you been told you are too early for venture capital investment? Are you willing to trade equity in your business in order to drive its development?
  • Do you have or are you willing to establish a business resident in Tasmania?

If the answers to the above are all YES, please proceed to fill in an application.

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Market Growth Workshop and Attending a trade show workshop

The Department of State Growth invites you to attend a series of workshops lead by industry expert, XPotential.


Topics include:

  • how to identify and grow new markets
  • how to get ready for a trade show

These are the first trade workshops to be held following the release of the Tasmanian Trade Strategy Action Plan 2019-20.


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Salamanca Market Innovators Program

The Hobart City Council have rcently accounced the Salamanca Market Innovator Program. 

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