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Need some help with your marketing or communications?

  • Want to be better than your competition?
  • Looking to stand out in the marketplace?
  • Just need help with your marketing and communications?

If you want to cost effectively build your business through smart and effective marketing and communications we have the knowledge, years of experience and know-how to help.

As experienced marketers and communicators, Suzi Watral and Zain Wright have over 24 years experience. They have worked on successful initiatives with many small businesses, government agencies and large corporates so they know what works, and what doesn’t.

We can deliver communications and marketing that is targeted, affordable and delivering maximum effect.

Marketing and communications services we offer:

  • Marketing and sales strategy development
  • Communications strategies
  • Brand development
  • Development of marketing materials such as brochures, fliers, posters
  • Preparation of annual reports
  • Web site builds and redesigns of existing sites 
  • Online strategies using email marketing, social networks and search engine optimisation
  • Launch events
  • Market research
  • Media events and press releases
  • Tackling difficult or sensitive communication issues
  • Grant applications
  • Tradeshow strategies
  • Advertising – newspaper, radio, TV, cinemas

If you need someone to work with you one day a week, an hourly basis , for a specific project or on a retainer we have the skills so your business can have the assistance it needs.

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Ochre Recruitment

Ochre Recruitment

"We walked away feeling more informed and energized about steps we can take in our Marketing & Communications Plan. The opportunity to benefit from your expertise and insight was fantastic"
Malcolm Reeve, Business Development, Ochre Recruitment


Insight4 for are a software development company that is going places. In-tellinc assisted them develop a strategic marketing strategy and implementation plan that ensured they were on the right pathway. We also assisted them develop their unique branding that allowed them to clearly stand out from the crowd and grab attention in their target markets.


Getbusi are predominantly focused on the schools market providing duty-of-care with real-time Internet filtering. A sector renown for being difficult to market too due to the unavailability of decision makers, In-tellinc assisted Getbusi develop an direct mail campaign that got noticed and generated a significant amount of sales and leads.


ConveyIt launched a new conveyancing tool specifically for lawyers but one that also interacts with banks and real estate agents. In-tellinc assisted ConveyIT with brochure development, their web site and their launch event that made all TV news broadcasts and the Mercury. Like the product we though outside the square and develop a big impact launch with a small budget.