Our Team

James Robinson profile photo

James Robinson

Managing Director

As Managing Director James provides in-depth strategic and commercial expertise gained through decades of experience in IT, corporate finance and general consulting services.

Prior to joining In-tellinc, James had held senior positions at Deloitte Consulting in Australia, IBM Global Services and large technology start-ups. His experience in management consulting includes mergers & acquisitions, commercial contracts and specialist finance across manufacturing, wholesale and retail.

Rob Gowty profile

Robert Gowty

Digital Mentor

Robert has always worked in small business. With experience in design, engineering, the arts and hospitality, Robert brings a unique perspective to the digital needs of small businesses. Robert's hands on experience with developing websites, mobile apps and software gives him the strategic understanding necessary to navigate today’s online environment.

Robert is a tireless enthusiast for all things Tasmanian. He believes the natural beauty, unique wildlife and fresh air are the perfect setting for a business looking to harness their creativity and launch something special.

Portrait photo of Dan Charlesworth

Dan Charlesworth

Digital Mentor

Dan has over a decade of experience providing technical support for business software and IT systems for organisations both large and small. Dan’s knowledge of cloud computing, online security and software as a service (SaaS) enables him to provide practical and effective solutions for small businesses looking to harness the full potential of the digital landscape.


James Foxall

Digital Mentor

James is a seasoned web developer with over a decade's experience building websites for customers, both large and small, across Tasmania. James is an expert in online retailing, particularly Shopify. He's built a number of large e-commerce sites including Smitten Merino, Inland Fisheries Service Licensing Portal, Bangor Vineyard and Tasmanian Tonewoods.