Going Digital

Low-cost, high-value coaching to help your business flourish online

Feel like your business is getting left behind in the digital world? We can help.

Through our digital arm, Getbusi, we offer personal coaching and digital strategy development for small businesses. We cover the key tentpoles of a robust online presence including websites, social media and digital marketing. Everything you need to get moving.

How can our coaching help you gear up your business?

  • Digital strategy
    Without a plan you can be guaranteed maximum effort for minimum result. Be clear about where you’re trying to get to.
  • Building a new website
    We’ll help you tell a story that is clear, concise and captivating. We’ll then show you how to get it online with a minimum of fuss.
  • Selling online
    Retailing online is simpler than ever. It's important to pick the right platform and approach for your products.
  • Creating a digital marketing plan
    Having an online presence doesn't mean your customers will find it. Learn how to build loyalty with existing customers and reach new ones.
  • Freshening things up
    Keeping your website and social media up to date and relevant is crucial to connecting with customers.
  • Software and technology problems
    Using the wrong tools can waste time on problems that aren’t central to the success of your business. We can show you a better way.