ASBAS Profile: Deb Hunter at Wild Cave Tours

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Tasmania's Mole Creek World Heritage caves are some of the best in the world. Deb Hunter, local caver and conservationist, is the perfect host for sharing this once in a lifetime experience with family and friends. Yet, once you've had a taste of this spectacular environment, you're sure to want to return for further exploration.


Deb heading into a cave

While Deb Hunter makes little of her incredible knowledge and experience, it seeps out like a limestone drip, forming wonderful shapes and patterns, not unlike her caves. With 43 years caving under her helmet at Mole Creek, Deb's deep understanding of the World Heritage caves enables her to formulate tours that will suit everyone from family and schools groups to extreme sport adventurers ready to take it to the limit.

"We're not here to push people outside of their comfort zone, what we are about, is allowing people to experience this awe-inspiring phenomena"

Deb's perspective is both scientific and spiritual, conversational and welcoming.


"The Mole Creek area is exceptional not only for it's biodiversity and geological formations, but for its outstanding Aboriginal significance and natural values."

Wild Cave Tours offers both half day and full tours with the degree of difficulty ranging from "mild" to "wild". While it's easy for Tasmanians to become blasé in the face of the all-encompassing beauty of the island, Deb and Wild Cave Tours truly offers something special.

While the caving is the feature event of the day, Deb always makes sure there is fine food and hospitality on hand at the end of the tour. Whether it's a delicious picnic spread or tapas and ale, taking the chance to wind down after what can be an intense and overwhelming experience helps round out the day into a perfect memory.

So with Tasmania as our playground for the coming months, and a little financial assistance from the State Government there has never been a better time to explore this wondrous environment.

For more information, visit Deb Hunter at Wild Cave Tours.