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Digital markets are so simple now, but there's one making it ridiculous

When Wed, March 23 2022, 4:36 PM
With Rob Gowty
Where Online via Zoom

What if were a Digital Marketplace that's ridiculously simple, free, with no complicated plans and where too small doesn't exist? There is.

About this event

Turning your classes, tutorials, talks, blogs, pictures, videos, music or designs into digital products instantly opens up your business to a global marketplace.

Now, with ridiculously simple digital marketplaces like Gumroad, you can be up and running as fast as you can say "export to PDF".

What's more, they're gear towards the small producer. In fact, they encourage you to start small. It's free to join, the fees, once again, are ridiculously simple - no complicated plans to choose - and they're the same for everyone.

If you feel like you're seeing all the same faces at the local market, it's time to look further afield. In the global marketplace, the possibilities are endless.

Come along to this digital workshop and find out how you can add a new dimension to your business.


This is a Digital Solutions workshop delivered in Southern Tasmania by In-tellinc. To attend this workshop you must be a Tasmanian small business with an ABN and less than 20 employees.

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