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Rob's Tips #1. What's a hashtag and why would I use one?

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So what is a hashtag? It looks like this, #tasmania, and is simply a piece of text with the hash (#) symbol in the front. When you post to Instagram, you can add them to your post after the description. People can use hashtags to search for particular content.

Why would I use one? If they search for #tasmania and you have tagged your post with it, you might be just what they're looking for.

What hashtags should I use? I would recommend a combination of the broad, the confined and the specific.

  • The broad? If you are in Tasmania, especially if you're in tourism, it's hard to go past #tasmania and #discovertasmania
  • The topical? What are some of the services you offer? What are the topics where you want to be part of the conversation? #bushwalking #mountainbikes #angling
  • The specific? Something closely related to your business or location #maydena #wildwalkwednesday #oldkemptondistillery